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About The Owner

Pete Smith

Company Owner

Peter I. Smith is an Aviation Consultant with more than 34 years of aviation experience in both flight operations and maintenance. He has experience in both the military and civilian arenas and has traveled extensively. He continues to do so in support of aviation operations from the single aircraft Part 91 operator to Part 135 operations and foreign aviation operations of all kinds, both military and civilian.  Peter is FAA certificated as an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic with an Inspection Authorization (A&P - IA) and also holds an FCC General Radiotelephone Operator's License with a Ship Radar endorsement.

Peter, or Pete as he is often called, served in both the US Army and the US Air Force (National Guard) and has worked for numerous civilian operators from military contractors providing weapons range support to air ambulance operators to wildland fire support service companies. He has also spent many years overseas as a civilian contractor for support on military and civil aircraft.

Pete initially began his aviation career in 1988 while on active duty with the US Army. There he received initial helicopter maintenance training on UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.  That was eventually followed up by heavy jet maintenance training from the US Air Force in 1997. He received his formal education from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University acquiring AS and BS degrees in Professional Aeronautics and Aircraft Maintenance in the early to mid 1990s. He has since sought additional aircraft make/model platform training and also became a Certified Aircraft Appraiser from the National Aircraft Appraisers Association in 2011 (now the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization). 

Pete still travels extensively and does spend a lot of his time in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where he provides his services as an aviation contractor.

Whatever your aviation needs are, Pete can help you find solutions.  Send us a message or give us a call and lets see how we can help you.

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