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Maintenance Services
Sirocco Aviation Services offers several types of maintenance services to include Aircraft Maintenance Management, Inspections, Repairs, Alterations and Records Management & Documentation. These are described in further detail below:
Aircraft Maintenance Management
This service involves managing the maintenance program for your aircraft whether it is already on a subscription service or not.  We have a few standardized service packages to choose from or we can customize one for your needs. Let us know your interest in any such service by filling out the message block under the Contact Us tab and we will get back to you shortly to discuss how we can help you manage your aircraft maintenance needs.
Inspections / Repairs / Alterations
Whether you have a maintenance management service plan with us or not we can provide inspection and maintenance services for your aircraft.  Service inspections include 100 Hour and Annual Inspections along with basic servicing and airworthiness checks as per your aircraft's specific requirements. We are also able to perform limited repairs and alterations (modifications) depending upon your aircraft and the complexity of the repair or alteration. If we are unable to provide any of these services for you, we can either find someone who can, or we can refer you to other organizations that might be able to help. Fees for these services are all subject to the type of inspection, repair, or alteration to be performed, as well as the type and location of your aircraft.  We can provide you a service quote once we know exactly what you need.
Records Management & Documentation 
This service is usually included as part of a maintenance management service plan. However, if you only require your logbooks to be reviewed, cleaned up, or researched for an insurance claim, pending sale or any other reason then we can also do that for you.  We also provide A&P and Inspection Authorization (IA) services such as records checks, service bulletin and airworthiness directive searches, completing FAA Form 337's and inspecting maintenance and repairs performed by other aircraft technicians to provide an approval for return to service.
In addition to the types of services described above, if you have an airplane or helicopter (certified or LSA/microlight) that you require some assistance with, then drop us a line and let us see how we can be of service to you. All questions and concerns will be addressed professionally and with full confidentiality.
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