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Certified Aircraft Appraisals

If you wish to know the value of your airplane or helicopter then Sirocco Aviation Services can help you. Certified Aircraft Appraisals are used by the courts, banks, and aircraft dealers to ensure that their clients are provided an accurate picture of what their aircraft is worth.   

As a member of the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (formerly the National Aircraft Appraisers Association), Peter can provide certified aircraft appraisals on any piston-engine powered airplane or helicopter in any location around the world.

A Certified Aircraft Appraisal is also known as a "full appraisal". It is a much more detailed valuation than the "Blue Book" or Market Value Estimate approach. The aircraft is personally inspected and all available logbooks and records are meticulously researched. This process takes longer to perform than a "blue book" estimate and therefore a much more accurate value is derived for the customer. This service also provides a full detailed report of the aircraft inspection and includes a stamped certificate which can then be used by banks, lenders, sales agents, and legal services for court documents.   

This service can be performed in as little as 3 days.  Call for pricing.

If you require such an appraisal service, we are available to perform them.  And just because you are not located in Oregon does not mean we are not available. If interested, please send us a detailed message in the box on the "Contact Us" tab and we will get back to you within a few hours.


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