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Aircraft Trusts

Do you wish to register your aircraft in the U.S.A. on the FAA Registry? Are you a citizen of another country and wish to register, operate, and maintain your aircraft in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administrations regulations? Then Sirocco Aviation Services can help you in establishing a legal trust approved by the FAA no matter where you or your aircraft are located.

U.S. law requires all aircraft registered in the United States to be in the name of U.S. citizens. The FAA allows for Aircraft Owner Trusts to provide both U.S. citizens and non-citizens the ability to purchase and register aircraft with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by appointing a U.S. citizen as trustee. The aircraft Owner Trustee holds the title to the aircraft and registers it with the FAA for the exclusive use of the beneficiary/purchaser, who continues to operate and maintain the aircraft.  

The Owner Trust structure in the U.S. aircraft market is a legitimate, important, and well recognized concept and has been used for many years.

A Few Reasons For Establishing an Aircraft Trust

  • Non U.S. citizens (individuals or businesses) wishing to lease or operate aircraft;

  • U.S. companies or individuals who wish to have confidentiality in the ownership of an aircraft;

  • Companies that may not qualify as U.S. citizens or are unsure if they qualify as a U.S. citizen;

  • Aircraft sales by manufacturers, dealers, or private individuals selling to foreign buyers;

  • Airlines which prefer to lease aircraft as a means of meeting market demands; 

  • Aircraft which are in maintenance and require an "N-number" or U.S. registration (temporary or permanent);

  • Leasing companies wishing to maintain flexibility of ownership interest while permitting the aircraft to continue to operate unaffected;

  • Export ferry flights;

  • Lenders that want a fiduciary to hold the aircraft in trust until the loan is paid off; and

  • Non-citizens who base and operate the aircraft inside or outside of the U.S. for personal or business reasons.

If you are interested in establishing an Aircraft Trust, contact us by filling out the message box on the "Contact Us" tab let our team assist you.  We have professional, personalized service and competitive rates and would be happy to work with you and explain the process.  

Rates vary depending upon size of aircraft.

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