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Aviation training is required for all operators, pilots, aircraft mechanics, and repairmen alike.  Not only are there initial training requirements on specific aircraft types, tasks, and ancillary operations (i.e. - ground operations, fire extinguisher training, first aid, hazardous goods, etc.), but there are also recurring requirements.  Sirocco Aviation Services believes that proper training is paramount to a safe operation, and we want to be part of your solution to great training. 
We are in the process of developing several training courses that will be FAA accepted. We also work with other training organizations that can provide training courses in subject matter areas that are beyond our current capabilities or scope.  At the present time, we are focusing on aircraft maintenance related tasks and subject matter and preparing training courses on a select number of subjects. Let us know what your training needs are and we can either create a program or course tailored to your needs or we can provide you with an organization that can do the job for you.  Send us a message in the block below and we will reply as soon as possible.
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